Under the direction of Mr. Mitchell, we were a Grade 7 class in the 'Destinations Programme' at Harry J. Clarke in Belleville, Ontario, Canada.

The 2010-2011 school year was a most enjoyable experience, bringing together a group of learners trusting and respectful of each other and willing to extend their thinking beyond the traditional classroom environment.

Shortly after this site was created, we were chosen to help start up a "pilot" blogging project for our school board. Therefore, this site was placed in "hibernation" as the students were migrated to a new site, since deleted. It was quite a project.

On this wiki, I have chosen to re-populate student work samples in the portfolio links. They were grouped into five teams. I have also chosen to place many of the multimedia projects produced during that school year here, so as to provide a home of sorts for some amazing work. In this way, 7M at HJC will live on in the web cloud. I hope that my former students will return to this wiki regularly, and be proud of their accomplishments. I also hope that visitors to this wiki will gain some inspiration in taking ideas back to their own classrooms and allow students to express themselves as they know best - through the dizzying advances of technology.

Check out our message to the world below. A terrific production from the students.

Thanks for stopping by.

In So Many Words, 7M, 2010