Contributions from Meagan, Sam, Maclane, Dylan, Alex, and Alexandria on this page. The students will be updating as the year progresses.

Here's my 'Wordle'! It's a terrific piece of software, allowing for creative expressions.

This was from Sam!
Below, Dylan's work on 'Wordle'.


Synonym Poetry (by Alexandria)

Chocolate and brown, has a name like Luke;
These are some things that describe my dog, Duke.

Going to the beach, riding in my hummer;
These are some things that describe summer.

Going with Katelyn to the mall;
These are some things I do in the fall.
Synonym Poetry (by Dylan)

Forwards, defence ... but no jockey;
This is the game of hockey.

Going off jumps, but no hiking;
These are some things that remind me of biking.

Biking and and running on a track;
Some things I'd use to describe my friend Jack.
Descriptive Poetry (by Dylan)

School work, studying
While sitting in a hard wooden desk;
Six hours a day ...
All in the hopes of passing a test;
Trips and recess
Also, hanging with friends.
School is fun --
But it's even better if out in the sun.
Antonym Poetry (by Alexandria)

Up and Down
The opposite of down is
A flying clown.

Synonym Poetry (by Sam)

Jumping in leaves, playing catch with a ball;
These are the things that I do in the fall.

Cute, energetic, and has light purple skin;
These are some things that describe my dog Finn.

The sun, a flower, fresh snow, a kitty;
This is a list of things that are pretty.
Without (by Meagan, Keziah)

Things missing objects, objects in need
Are belts with no buckles,
Or misers without greed.

Buttons missing holes, braces - but no teeth,
A sun with no sky; sad without grief.

A clock without numbers, and only one hand,
A beach lacking water -
Only sea shells and sand.

A house with no walls, feet without boots,
Fingers lacking nails, and trees with no fruits.

Binders minus rings, pens with no ink;
A frame with no picture,
And a fountain without drink.

Staplers missing staples,
Woods that aren't dense;
A book with no words,
And a poem without sense.
Antonym Poetry (by Dylan)

What is the opposite of school?
A bunch of kids just sitting in a pool.

The opposite of nice is
Some kid giving you head lice.

What is the opposite of young?
An old man losing a lung.
This is a recent journal entry from me. (Meagan).

Antonym Poetry (by Sam)

The opposite of lovely or fair?
A big, fat, ugly grizzly bear.

I'm sure that the opposite of me,
Is someone can't climb a tree;
Or really likes the smell of fish;
And eats onions with every dish.

One Without the Other (by Sam, Tia, Ashley)

Hives missing bees, forests without trees;
A car with no wheels, a day without meals.
Paper with no lines, a poem missing rhymes.

Computer with no screen, Lima missing a bean;
Girls without pink, an eye with no blink.
Earrings missing ears, upset - and no tears.

Hair without a head, sheets but no bed;
Binders missing rings, bells with no 'dings'!
A musical without a stage, a book with no page.

Sweeping without a broom, a bride with no groom;
A police without a taser, a mad scientist missing a laser.
A boy without a friend, a beginning - but no end.


My seasonal video. (Meagan)