Contributions from Will, Jenn, Tyler, Ashley, Jack, and Leah on this page. The students will be updating as the year progresses.





The above, from Tyler.


This is my audio version of a History project on Laura Secord's role in pre-Confederation Canada. (Jenn)

Synonym Poetry (by Jack)

Sleeping in sure is great.
But it's something that makes me ... uh, late.

Running around, and usually just chillin';
These are some things that remind me of Dylan!
Antonym Poetry (by Leah)

Good & Bad
The opposite of good
Is when you don't do something
That you should.

Front & Back
The opposite of front?
That's simple, I say!
It's the hay bale
At the back of the barn, okay?

Tired & Awake
Whats the opposite of tired?
It's when I am up at two in the morning,
And I am WIRED!
Winter (by Ashley)

The clean cold air,
Snow crunches beneath my feet;
Sky is black,
Snowflakes falling down from the sky.

When I breathe,
I see my breath
Float through the crisp air;
Nobody's around,
What a great feeling it is.
Am I dreaming?
Antonym Poetry (by Jack)

What is the opposite of a fool?
Mr. Mitchell - now, HE'S cool.

Whats the opposite of quiet?
Tyler - beside me;
(He's a riot!)
Antonym Poems (by Jenn)

The opposite of fly, you say?
Is something stuck in the ground,
Like clay.
Or maybe suction cups put on the ground;
But it could also be a child with a frown.

I think the opposite of loud
Is definitely not a crowd.

I know the opposite of dull
Are flowers that are colourful.

The opposite of water
Is your dehydrated daughter!