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Contributions from Keziah, Ellie, Allie, Carson, Rachel, and Vladimir on this page. The students will be updating as the year progresses.

The above 'Wordle' from Ellie.


Poetry Samples (by Ellie)

I love funky tights, they are so awesome!
I would wear a pair with blue-striped possums.

What is the opposite of quiet?
It's a loud rock concert;
What a riot!

What is the opposite of yummy?
A frog and worm sandwich in your tummy.

What is the opposite of cool?
Maybe a lava-filled pool.

Descriptive Poetry (by Keziah)

Frozen water droplets,
Twirling down from the sky;
Perfect and individual, fluttering to the ground;
Landing ...
Lost in a sea of white.

Crunchy, cold,
Tasteless, scentless, pure;
Settling into place.
When morning comes,
Footsteps will stir.
Poetry Samples (by Rachel)

What's the opposite of being fair?
Being attacked by a teddy bear!

A pig, some season, a little Sha-bam!
That's what you need to make a ham!

Short and fun, he flies off the handle;
That's what you get
When your name is Daniel!

Smiley and fun, not when I'm nappy,
That's what it's like
When I'm feeling happy.


Here is my first 'published' entry for the journal program we are doing this year:
Obsessions (by Keziah)
My friends and family tell me that I have a problem. I tend to get a bit obsessive sometimes. It's just, when I like something, I REALLY like it. I know the people around me get pretty sick of hearing about the same topics over and over, but I don't think that obsessions are necessarily bad things.
Why should they be? It all comes down to perspective. For example, one could look at always talking about the same thing as being boring or one-track-minded, but not me. I look at it like always having a trusty discussion topic to rely upon when an awkward silence (or any break from speech) takes over. And who decided that it is a bad thing to be predictable?!
Facts like: James Marsters (an actor from my favourite show) was born August 20; and the television series “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” had a grand total of 144 episodes are good ice-breakers. Obsessive people NEVER have to deal with awkward pauses.
What is so good about being “well-rounded” and “varying discussion topics” anyway? Imagine a world where no one is obsessive. Swell on paper, and sure, celebrities would get mobbed a lot less, but if everyone was the same, things would be pretty boring. The world needs one-track-minded obsessers like me, to make things less predictable.