Contributions from Stephen, Sierra, Sylvie, Jon, Abhishek, and Hannah on this page. The students will be updating as the year progresses. See Hannah's page for her updates on her journey to the other side of the world (New Zealand) with her family for a few months.
Synonym Poem Samples (by Sierra)

Night And Day
When it's dark, I sleep, when it's light, I play;
That's the difference between night and day.

Fame and fortune and real fancy cars;
These are some things owned by great stars.

My Night Light
It's off when it's bright, and on in the night;
That's when I use my sparkling night light.
"Without" Poem (by Sierra, Carson)

Wouldn't Be the Same

Glasses missing a lense, a barn without hens;
A pen missing ink, and love missing pink.
Math missing numbers, a beach without sunburns.
Water missing limes, this poem without rhymes.
Oh! Did I mention, I lost my internet connection!
A car without gas, and a brat missing sass;
Internet without Google, soup missing a noodle.
A bike missing wheels, a store without deals.
An owl that doesn't "hoo";
And the world without ...

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A journal entry, in published form, from Sylvie.