Group 5 Portfolios

Contributions from Levi, Emily, Tia, Holly, and Patrick on this page.




A journal entry (memoir) from Tia, put to voice.

Synonym Poetry (by Emily)

Cry, sigh, and play my kazoo
These are the things I do when I'm blue.

Scary, LOUD! With lots of hair;
The guy I'm describing is my pet, Bear.

Mushy, wet, slippery, and yellow
These are the things that describe my jello.

Antonym Poetry (by Emily)

In (or Out?)
The opposite of in
Would be all my toys
Outside the bin.

Dark City
Isn't the opposite of light,
The city in a black-out
During the night?

Stands Out
The opposite of plain
Would be my yellow umbrella,
Out in the rain.
Sample Poetry (by Patrick)

Getting the ball out of my locker;
One of the things I do to play soccer!

Colours, leaves, and trees that are tall;
Some of the things that describe the fall.

At my house - and in the mall;
Some of the places you can find a wall!

Fun, small, they scratch your mats;
Some of the things that describe some cats.
Synonym Poetry (by Tia)

Curly, wavy, straight, or bare;
These are the ways you can style your hair.

My Pants
Blue, denim ... I bought them in France;
These are some things that describe my pants.

Running, jumping, and singing a tune,
These are some things I do in June.
Lollipops (by Tia)

Tasty, sour and sweet;
Just can't be beat
See the swirly, crazy designs;
Taste the candy
Upon the lines.
Smell the candy on the stick,
Don't eat too much
Or you'll get sick.
Snakes (by Levi)

Cunning, slithering on right past
Many people will stand aghast;
Will kill for meat
Tiny eyes, smooth miniscule scales;
Cool to the touch
Tiny or large
Squeezing, eating
On land or in lakes ...

Goldfish (by Holly)

My gold fish won't play,
He normally swims,
But he's been lying there all day!

I've fed him and everything,
I tapped on the tank,
He still won't do anything!

Maybe if I made a splash?
I dropped a rock,
And he didn't even dash!
I don't get why he's upside-down,
It's kinda funny,
Makes his smile's a frown.

He won't swim with the flow,
My mother walks in,
She frowns and says, “Oh."

My video poetry on autumn. (Emily)