Using a wiki requires that we - as a responsible classroom community - follow online etiquette. Please read these points carefully, and add your name underneath so as to demonstrate agreement:

1. We will demonstrate self-respect and respect for our classmates. We recognize the need for safety and the right to privacy; we will NOT use or publish personal information - first names ONLY.
2. We understand that we can add to what others have written, make revisions, or begin something new on this wiki.
3. We will use correct spelling and grammar on these pages. We recognize that what goes up here on the wiki, goes up for the world to see. This is published writing - not draft writing.
4. Appropriate, respectful language will be used. We will not use this wiki for personal attacks, nor for postings that would be interpreted as immature by a world audience.
5. We know that the use of factual information must be accurate. We will remember to give credit and cite our sources.
6. We will use this wiki as a tool to enhance our understanding of technology within a learning community.

Mr. Mitchell, Mme. Belanger, Mme. Ross, Emily, Sierra, Jenn, Hannah, Patrick, Meagan, Levi, Dylan, Alexandria, Sam, Ashley, Tia, Will, Maclane, Jack, Jon, Keziah, Vladimir, Stephen, Abhishek, Ellie, Holly, Sylvie, Rachel, Tyler, Alex, Carson, Allie, Leah.