Two key stages in the writing process. They need to be followed before you hand in your polished piece for evaluation.

The Revision

Consider (carefully) the following - step by step:

1. That lead sentence. Short and catchy? Does it “hook” the reader? It must.

2. Check the middle section:

=> Does it have enough detail/examples (who/what/where/why/when/how)?

=> Are things organized? In proper order/sequence?

=> How’s the sentence structure? Did you mix it up (short, long)?

=> Paragraphs? New thought, new paragraph? If time passes, new paragraph?

3. What about “writer’s voice”? Enough thinking and feeling in your piece? Does it sound like you’ve connected to the writing?

4. If you used dialogue, does it “sound” real?

5. Did you avoid repeated words/phrases (and, then, really, When we ..., etc.)? Did you try to add new, rich, interesting, descriptive words/phrases?

6. In moving from section to section, did you use connecting words/phrases that help the flow of the writing?

7. Does the ending wrap things up? Does it leave things “settled”, complete?

8. Now, read it “aloud” - or have someone else read it. Have you made your message/point clear? Did you stick to the purpose of your writing?

The Edit

1. See any words that you’re not completely sure how to spell? Look them up!

2. Check the spelling "nasties"?

right (or left?) / write (a letter)
its (possession) / it's (it is)
which (which one?) / witch (wicked)
threw (the ball) / through (the forest)
your (sister) / you're (you are)
piece (of cake) / peace (no violence)
whether (or not) / weather (is cold)
lose (the game) / loose (not tight)
passed (a test) / past (not the future)
whose (lunch is this?) / who's (who is)
could have or would have - not could of or would of
then (then, we went out) / than (smaller than she is)
hole (in the floor) / whole (ate the whole thing)
there (over there?) / their (their coats) / they're (they are)
two (the number) / too (means 'also') / to (the store)

wear (clothes) / where (are we?) / we're (we are) / were (doing something)

3. Capital letters? To start each sentence? For names of people, places, and proper nouns (Aunt, Mr., I, etc.)?

4. Periods and commas in the right places? Exclamation marks? Question marks? Apostrophes used right? They either show possession - or a short form. Not for plurals.

5. Quotes where people are talking? Everything INSIDE the quotes? A new line when someone new says something?

6. Any words missing in sentences? Any sentences too long?

7. If there’s a new thought, did you start a new paragraph?

8. Are you ready for your final copy? Are you going to hand in a neat piece of writing – your best work? Something you’re proud to share?