My name is Hannah. My favourite things to do are Irish dancing and drawing. I have a pet rat named Rosie. I also have a brother and sister. We're leaving today at five I can't wait but I'm real nervous. I've never been on a plane before. I'll post pictures of our trip and write about it. I hope to see my friends and family soon again!!

We are in a new house now. Today we came from our first house exchange in Matapuori. We are now on Weiheke Island. The scenery here is beautiful.
So far the highlight would be snorkling! We saw so many beautiful things! I miss you all so much and am looking forward to skyping you soon.

Get a Voki now!

Hannah, we're going to miss you. We know, though, that you're off on an amazing adventure, and we look forward to seeing you check in from time to time here to tell us how you're doing - and what you're seeing. (Mr. M.)

We made it!! We haven't had an internet connection lately. So far, we have had quite an adventure. We lost one of our bags with all the kids' clothes and bathing suits in them, and then today, a big transport truck hit the camper van we are renting. Everyone is okay; we did not see it happen.
We have already been hiking. We hiked up a volcanic plug, and up a mountain to see the most beautiful waterfall ever! We went looking for the blue penguins because they were supposed to be at the beach near where we were staying. Sadly, we didn't see them - but they led us to some great caves.
Tonight, we are staying at a campground with a hot spring. It was nice and hot - but it smelled so bad!
I will keep you updated on our journey.

October 13
The other day we went to a beach called Hot Water Beach. At the beach when the tide is out, you can dig a hole in the right spot and the water will be burning hot. It's like your own sandy hot tub. It was really cool - or should I say, "hot". We also climbed another volcano called Paku, but the hole was covered up. Soon we will be going to a town that I think about a hundred years ago was sunk in lava, but bits of the town still poke up. It looks like it will be really cool!

"The Lion" (volcanic plug we climbed)

View from the top of the volcano we climbed.

Hannah, I hope you are having a really good time, I hope I can go to Australia/New Zealand one day. (Alexandria)

Sounds like you are having lots of fun! Keep us updated! (P.S., does everyone have a cool accent? Miss you!) (Carson)

Hi Hannah! Hope we can talk to you on Skype again! (Tia)